Saturday, April 27, 2013

Learning about being Healthy..

So I took a job transfer to Seattle, WA and moved my family from the midwest to see what the West Coast might have in store for us.  We quickly found out that our way of life was about to change.  I began eating better and joined a Crossfit Box.  I began talking to all the folks at the crossfit gym and about their diets.  A lot of these crossfitters are following a Paleo or "Caveman" Diet.  No crap and no carbs. I quickly realized how shitty people eat back in the midwest. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Detroit Tigers are Finally in Command of the AL Central.

Five straight wins against the Chicago Whitesox and the Cleveland Indians may have been the final blow in the year long race.  If not Justin Verlander is going for his 22nd win of the season, and that would spell certain doom for the Whitesox and Indians.

Detroit Tigers 3X5 Banner Flag

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tom "Killer" Kowalski

Today we lost a legend in the Detroit Lions Community. Reporter Tom Kowalski died this morning. The Detroit Lions and all area reporters sent their regrets through every media available.  I was lucky enough to have a few beers with Tom over the last couple of years, he was genuine, and a great guy.  God Speed Killer...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tigers are Holding on to 1st Place, barely...

There are a few players that piecing together some of their best years.  Justin Verlander has 17 wins, Alex Avila is having an All-Star year, Jjonny Peralta is an All-Star, and of course Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera are quietly shooting 100 rbi a piece.  That being said, there are holes and big ones in this lineup and pitching staff.  We are now halfway through August and can't seem to put Chicago and Cleveland away.  The Tigers have a 6 game home stand coming up.  This is will determine a lot, as Cleveland is traveling.  Bring it home boys...

MLB Detroit Tigers Locker Room Sign

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Verlander 15-5 Through July with Today's Drama Filled Game

The Detroit Tigers have a very special pitcher.  I thought he was good before but he almost threw another no-hitter today.  Today's game against the LA Angels was pretty sweet and had a ton of drama.  On top of Verlander pitching a no-no, Jared Weaver was going for the Angels.  He was lights out as well, until Magglio Ordonez smacked a 2 run bomb that almost went foul.  Magglio stayed at home plate watching it because he thought it might be foul.  Weaver took it as he was showing him up, and the two started trading barbs.  Then later in the game Carlos Guillen hit a home run shot to right, he really showed Weaver up and the two were talking at each other while Guillen rounded the bases.  The next batter Alex Avila took the brunt of Weaver's anger.  A pitch just above his head.  The home plate umpire tossed Weaver and Angel's Manager Mike Sosa.  The next inning Verlander gave up his first hit to end all the drama, and the Tiger's won 3-2.

Detroit Tigers - Justin Verlander - No-Hitter - Wood Mounted Poster Print

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Need a Survival Tool?

A great tool to keep in the garage or for camping, hunting, or survival.  If the lights do ever go out, you might need a Fire Starting Tool.

Emergency Fire Starter

NFL Labor Agreement Close! Let's go Lions!

I was very worried that my other favorite professional sport might get cancelled this year.  I looks as though the players and the owners are working it out!  This is important especially for the Detroit Lions fans.  We have some momentum and some talent.  This is the year that we take the next step to becoming a winning franchise.NFL Men's Detroit Lions Heart And Soul Ii Adult Short Sleeve Basic Tee (Heather Gray, X-Large)