Sunday, July 31, 2011

Verlander 15-5 Through July with Today's Drama Filled Game

The Detroit Tigers have a very special pitcher.  I thought he was good before but he almost threw another no-hitter today.  Today's game against the LA Angels was pretty sweet and had a ton of drama.  On top of Verlander pitching a no-no, Jared Weaver was going for the Angels.  He was lights out as well, until Magglio Ordonez smacked a 2 run bomb that almost went foul.  Magglio stayed at home plate watching it because he thought it might be foul.  Weaver took it as he was showing him up, and the two started trading barbs.  Then later in the game Carlos Guillen hit a home run shot to right, he really showed Weaver up and the two were talking at each other while Guillen rounded the bases.  The next batter Alex Avila took the brunt of Weaver's anger.  A pitch just above his head.  The home plate umpire tossed Weaver and Angel's Manager Mike Sosa.  The next inning Verlander gave up his first hit to end all the drama, and the Tiger's won 3-2.

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